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Concrete for foundations and walls is being poured.


Foundation permit issued, and excavation work has begun.


Contact  Jim Brochu, Chair of Building Committee, or

Matthew Bachtold, Library Director,  508-529-6272.

Project Description:

The Upton Community Center is a new facility of 15,132 square feet to house the Upton Town Library and the Council on Aging, at an estimated project cost of $12.4 million.

Located at 9 Milford Street, the facility includes a redesigned playground and shared parking with the adjacent VFW.

Approved by Upton Voters:

Town Meeting  5/8/2021

Town Election  5/11/2021

Ledge Removal

Jan 29, 2022

On the west side, the concrete foundation wall which extends above ground level has been poured.

Excavation and formwork continues on the east side.

Some ledge has been encountered in the north east corner, and is being broken up with a hammer drill so it can be removed.

2022.1.24 Foundation wall pour.HEIC

Jan 24, pumper truck pouring concrete into the wall forms on the west side.

2022.1.27 Foundation wall.jpg

Jan 27, west side, wooden forms removed and the concrete wall is draped in insulated blankets.

2022.1.27 Ledge.jpg

Jan 27, breaking up ledge and rock on the north east building corner.

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