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Updated interior renderings with finishes.

See Design Documents.


Building permit has been issued.


Contact Community Center Building Committee, or

Matthew Bachtold, Library Director,  508-529-6272.

Project Description:

The Upton Community Center is a new facility of 15,132 square feet to house the Upton Town Library and the Council on Aging, at an estimated project cost of $12.4 million.

Located at 9 Milford Street, the facility includes a redesigned playground and shared parking with the adjacent VFW.

Approved by Upton Voters:

Town Meeting  5/8/2021

Town Election  5/11/2021

Framing Complete

Sept 22, 2022

More views of progress on the interior of the building.

Framing for the interior walls is complete, with materials on site to begin the HVAC, electrical and plumbing installation.

2022.9.22 Circulation Spine.jpg

Sept 22, Main circulation spine.

To the left is the high ceiling above the future library stacks, directly above is the light monitor with windows installed, and to the right is the tall wall above the library offices.

2022.9.22 Circulation Desk.jpg

Sept 22, Future site of the library circulation desk.

Visible are heating ducts, plumbing and electrical wiring.

2022.9.22 Conference Room.jpg

Sept 22, Conference Room

Framing of the walls for the 8 person conference room.  Electrical wiring on the back wall for video conferencing display screen.  On the back right is a sink / coffee nook.

Directly ahead, the back room with the window is storage for medical equipment or future office space.

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