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Target Date for Opening: May 1, 2023


Most furniture installed.

IT and AV starting.

Punchlist and landscaping.


Contact Community Center Building Committee, or

Matthew Bachtold, Library Director,  508-529-6272.

Project Description:

The Upton Community Center is a new facility of 15,132 square feet to house the Upton Town Library and the Council on Aging, at an estimated project cost of $12.4 million.

Located at 9 Milford Street, the facility includes a redesigned playground and shared parking with the adjacent VFW.

Approved by Upton Voters:

Town Meeting  5/8/2021

Town Election  5/11/2021

Moving Day

Apr 19, 2023

Library Moving Days, April 19 and 20th.

National Library Relocations was contracted to transport the library collection to its new home.
Library staff will take the next week to shift the collection making it presentable and unpacking our office materials.

2023.4.19 Office Boxes.jpg

Apr 19, Office contents packed in boxes ready to be moved.

2023.4.19 Collection Packing.jpg

Apr 19, Library collection being packed onto rolling carts to be moved.

2023.4.19 Truck arrives.jpg

Apr 19, Moving truck brings the first load to the Community Center.

2023.4.19 Truck unloading.jpg

Apr 19, Unloading the moving truck at the Community Center.

2023.4.19 First books arrive.jpg

Apr 19, First cart of books ready to be unshelved.

2023.4.19 Collection unloading.jpg

Apr 19, Collection lined up to be reshelved.

2023.4.19 Shelving Sci-Fi.jpg

Apr 19, First collection on the shelves - Science Fiction!

2023.4.19 Shelving books.jpg

Apr 19, Rest of the collection waiting for reshelving.

2023.4.20 2 Main Street emptied.jpg

Apr 20, Empty shelves at 2 Main Street, Knowlton Risteen building.

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