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Target Date for Opening: May 1, 2023


Most furniture installed.

IT and AV starting.

Punchlist and landscaping.


Contact Community Center Building Committee, or

Matthew Bachtold, Library Director,  508-529-6272.

Project Description:

The Upton Community Center is a new facility of 15,132 square feet to house the Upton Town Library and the Council on Aging, at an estimated project cost of $12.4 million.

Located at 9 Milford Street, the facility includes a redesigned playground and shared parking with the adjacent VFW.

Approved by Upton Voters:

Town Meeting  5/8/2021

Town Election  5/11/2021

Furniture and Punch List

Apr 14, 2023

Most of the furniture has been delivered and installed.

All interior finishes are completed and punchlist / touch ups are underway.

Audio visual and Technology equipment is starting to be installed and connected.

With the warmer weather, exterior work has resumed, including painting, landscaping and paving.

2023.4.14 Library Lobby.jpg

Apr 14, Entering the Library Lobby.  Reception desk is on the left, and the shelves on the right were constructed by local carpenter Bill Andrews.

2023.4.14 Library Hallway.jpg

Apr 14, Main Hallway that connects the two ends of the building.  Library collection is on the left.

2023.4.14 Reading Nook.jpg

Apr 14, Reading Nook with a view out the west side over Center brook.

2023.4.14 Business Center.jpg

Apr 14, Business Center with public use photocopier / printer / scanner.

2023.4.14 Conference Room.jpg

Apr 14, Conference Room with table, wet bar, and mounting area for display screen / video conferencing equipment.

2023.4.14 Children's Area.jpg

Apr 14, Children's Area with door out to the playground.

2023.4.14 West Wall.jpg

Apr 14, A view down the west wall showing reading areas and countertops.

2023.4.14 Library Reception Desk.jpg

Apr 14, Behind the Library Reception desk, looking out at the lounge and the library collection.

2023.4.14 ESS Lobby.jpg

Apr 14, Elder and Social Services reception desk and lobby, looking eastwards at the exit to the parking lot.

2023.4.14 ESS Lounge.jpg

Apr 14, Elder and Social Services lounge, which is just outside the entrance to the Greatroom.

2023.4.14 Greatroom.jpg

Apr 14, Greatroom with a fresh chair delivery.

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