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Target Date for Opening: May 1, 2023


Interior finishes ongoing.

Furniture delivery in March

Exterior work in April.


Contact Community Center Building Committee, or

Matthew Bachtold, Library Director,  508-529-6272.

Project Description:

The Upton Community Center is a new facility of 15,132 square feet to house the Upton Town Library and the Council on Aging, at an estimated project cost of $12.4 million.

Located at 9 Milford Street, the facility includes a redesigned playground and shared parking with the adjacent VFW.

Approved by Upton Voters:

Town Meeting  5/8/2021

Town Election  5/11/2021

Interior Finishes

Feb 24, 2023

Finishing up painting and ceilings.

Interior finishes are being installed, including acoustic panels on walls, millwork and the beginning of flooring.

2023.1.19 Bathroom.jpg

Jan 19, Men's restroom, showing partition and tile colors.

2023.1.26 Classroom.jpg

Jan 26, Cabinetry and future location of sinks in the Classroom on the south end of the building.

2023.2.9 Food Pantry.jpg

Feb 9, Millwork cabinets in the food pantry room.  This room will be for distributing canned food, dry goods and other items to residents in need.

2023.2.9 Kitchen.jpg

Feb 9, Kitchen equipment being installed - sinks, icemaker, oven, range, and not visible are freezer, refrigerator, warming / serving trays.

2023.2.16 Library Spine.jpg

Feb 16, a view down the main walkway of the building spine, looking south into the Classroom.  On the left are the acoustical tack panels and higher wall panels.

2023.2.16 Children's Play area.jpg

Feb 16, Children's area on the south end of the building.  The piles of boxes are newly delivered carpet tiles.

2023.2.16 Library West Side.jpg

Feb 16, looking south into the children's area along the west wall.  Benches and counters are being installed on the right.

2023.2.16 Study Rooms.jpg

Feb 16, Quiet study rooms at the north end of the library collection.  The orange paint is the most colorful wall in the building.

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