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Hoopla audiobooks, ebooks and graphic novels now available with your Upton Library card.

The Upton Town Library has several tax resources available. In February, Massachusetts Form 1 (Resident and Nonresident), federal 1040, and federal 1040EZ booklets are delivered; these will be available until we run out. In addition to these booklets we have:

  • Massachusetts Resident Form 1 Instructions binder available for check out

  • 1040EZ Instructions binder available for check out

  • 1040 Instructions binder available for check out

The previous year's binders will be available until the next year's forms are posted on the IRS and Massachusetts DOR website, when they will be replaced. 


If you would like to print forms yourself or look at the official websites for more information, links are below: 

Federal Tax Forms
State Tax Forms

When printing tax forms at the Upton Town Library, the first ten pages are free. After that, it is 0.10 cents a page for black and white printouts or 0.25 cents per page for color.

Federal and State Tax Information

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