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Hoopla audiobooks, ebooks and graphic novels now available with your Upton Library card.


Donate to FULTI via Paypal or Credit Card support the Museum pass program and Summer reading events.  Thank you!

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Who we are: 

A group of volunteers who want to see our local library thrive!


Our mission: 

To support the library through fundraising, friend raising, volunteer services and general advocacy. 


What we do: 

(1) Raise money to support the library through a variety of fundraising events including the Heritage Day Book Sale, the Spring Book Sale, the Friends’ Donation Drive, and Bookshelf Sales.

(2) Sponsor the Museum Pass Program (reserve a pass here!) and support programming for both children and adults through funding and volunteerism.

(3) Promote the library and engage in community building at local events and through various activities.


Please join us as a volunteer!

See the Friends' bulletin board at the library entrance or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn about upcoming meetings and events.

And please be generous and donate so we can continue to support events and programming for both children and adults.

Friends of Upton Town Library

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