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Donation Boxes / Solicitation

Donation Drop Off / Solicitation Policy


The Upton Community Center has a designated donation drop off location which is available to local community groups or individuals to collect non-monetary donations for the benefit of non-profit groups or charities.

Donations to benefit the Upton Department of Elder and Social Services or the Upton Town Library have first priority for space use, and do not require a donation agreement.

Other local community groups and individuals may request use of the donation space by agreeing to the donation drop off policy and completing a donation drop off application.

The designated donation space is a 3’ by 6’ bookcase in the library vestibule.
Shelf heights are adjustable, donations can be collected on shelves or in a donation box.

If a donation box is used, it must be no more than 20 inches deep to fit in the designated space.

Donation space must be reserved in advance. The donation period is normally for one month, coinciding as closely as possible to the beginning and ending of the month. Donation periods can be increased or decreased at the discretion of the Library Director.

Donation drop offs are accepted at the discretion of the Library Director. The Library Director has the right to review the beneficiary of the donations and any materials used to promote the donation drive before any donation boxes are installed. A decision not to approve an application may be appealed to the Upton Town Manager.
In general, the Community Center will only approve applications that are submitted by a local community group or individual that resides in Upton, or students attending the Mendon Upton Regional School District or Blackstone Valley Technical School.

Donation drop offs and promotional materials must not solicit cash or monetary donations to be dropped off.

The applicant must commit to maintaining and emptying the donation space on a regular basis. Donations that overflow the space or are not collected may be discarded.
The applicant may use additional space within the designated bookcase to leave promotional material, flyers, pamphlets, etc.

After an application is approved, the applicant may request that the Town, Library or Department of Elder and Social Services promote the donation drive to the public. Any promotion is at the discretion of the appropriate town employee.

Approving an application or publicizing a donation drive does not imply the Town of Upton endorses the benefiting charity or any sponsoring organization.

The exhibitor must sign an agreement to comply in good faith with the following conditions:
a. Assume the risk of loss or damage to materials installed or donations dropped off. No insurance coverage is provided and the location is not in a secure area.
b. Assume responsibility for configuring the shelves, providing a donation receptacle and retrieving donations at regular intervals.
c. All donations and materials must be contained within the designated drop off space.
d. Remove the donations and donation receptacle promptly. The community center has the right to dispose of any donations or materials if they overflow the designated area or present a hazard.
e. Identify the benefiting charity or non-profit visibly in the donation area.
f. Clearly identify what items and types of donations are being solicited. The designated drop-off area and donation receptacle must be suitable for accommodating the solicited items.
g. Cash or monetary donations may not be solicited to be dropped off. Applicants may include instructions for monetary donations in their materials or display.
h. Community center employees have the right to remove donations or donation receptacles at any time.

Individuals or groups interested applying for use of the donation drop off space should complete a donation drop off application and contact the Library Director.

Approved November 13, 2023 by the Library Board of Trustees.

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